• New cooperation in “optakt”

    18th of September 2014 · tags:

    The web magazine “optakt” now has an article on the new collaboration between the Academy and University College Nordjylland, UCN. From the new semester UCN has created a new music profile where school teacher students get more than twice as much music in the curriculum as before.

    In the last two modules, the UCN's students even will be taught together with Academy students, for example in ensemble playing, choral singing, pedagogy and sound technology. In addition, the Academy students could use the UCN-students as "rabbits" in instrumental teaching, so the former gets trained their teaching skills and the latter gets serious instrumental teaching.

    “optakt”  spoke with Program Manager Jesper Vinther from UCN and Vice Pricipal Michael Bundgaard from DJM. Read the article here (in Danish).

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