• DIEM very present at Norberg Festival

    6th of August 2014 · tags:

    A group of students from the Academy’s electronic department, DIEM, actively participated in the acclaimed electronic music festival Norberg Festival in Sweden 24 to 26 July. During the festival DIEM settled 12 concerts, including Aske Krammer, Fillip Yes, Isaac Nielsen, Thomas Wernberg, Christian Trondhjem and Johan de Raybekill at DIEM's own stage. Further consisted DIEM's contribution to the festival of installation art created and performed by Sebastian Edin, Jens Settergren, Alex Mørch and Mads Engell.

    At the festival, it was marked that DIEM is among the leading cultural institutions in its field in the Nordic region. Also it gave the participating students the opportunity to meet a motivated and interested audience in an optimal framework.

    DIEM at Norberg Festival 2014 was an exam project in the subject entrepreneurship for two of the DIEM students.

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