• Great recommendation of new book

    24th of June 2014 · tags:

    Berlingske Tidende gives its warmest recommendation to a new book by organ professor at the Academy, Ulrik Spang-Hanssen: "The music between the notes - swing in classical music". Spang-Hanssen also is a recognized jazz musician and the reviewer is impressed with his musical range, adding: "But also he writes just absolutely terrific. There's music in his language, it floats and swings, it is an undivided pleasure ... "

    In the book Spang-Hanssen is sharing his thoughts on why music sometimes is dead boring, while other times it bites us in the throat. He dives into the music, both classical and contemporary genres, to find swinging and living music. He wants to make classical music more alive and relevant. The book was published on 16 June at Aarhus University Press.

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