• Schoolteacher students and academy students studying together

    13th of June 2014 · tags:

    In August a completely new and unique collaboration between the Academy and the schoolteacher education at University College Nordjylland will take place: Academy students and schoolteacher students will have classes together in selected subjects.

    The reason for the new joint venture is the new primary school reform, which means more music lessons in primary school and closer cooperation between primary schools and music schools. In this connection there is a need for more and better trained music teachers in primary schools. Therefore UCN in cooperation with the Academy launches a special music profile line at the schoolteacher education, where the students get more than twice as much music as it is today.

    Through the joint training, the schoolteacher students will be challenged and inspired by the high technical and artistic level of the academy students. At the same time the academy students, which typically gets a job at music schools after demission, will benefit from meeting the educational insight and understanding that their new classmates from the schoolteacher education can contribute.

    On folkeskolen.dk there is a current article about the new cooperation. See also the press release from UCN. (All in Danish.)


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