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    13th of May 2014 · tags:

    Trombone Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen stands behind a large, comprehensive release from Edition Wilhelm Hansen, including a total of 73 pieces for trombone and piano respectively by Axel Jørgensen, Axel Hildingsen and Georg Wilkenschildt. The many pieces represent a substantial and important repertoire in teaching and training of classical trombonists.

    This is a critical edition of the works, all of which have been released in several different versions before, but which now appears in a highly user-friendly layout and as close to the original sources as possible. Niels-Ole Bo Johansen has made detailed comparative studies of both previous editions and original manuscripts.

    The work has been part of Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen's research duties at the Academy and also includes CD recordings.

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