• New CD with Academy lecturer

    22nd of April 2014 · tags:

    Today Associate Professor Torben Bjørnskov (bass) publishes a brand new CD with Pojken Flensborg (piano), Espen Laub von Lillienskjold (drums) and Stan Sulzmann (sax). For many years Sulzmann has been a key figure on the European jazz scene. The CD called "Roots" is published on Long Life Records.

    Bjørnskov tells the CD has been created out of a desire to gather some musicians he has played a lot with and with whom he feels a special communication. There also should be a line in the music; hence the title "Roots" - drawing on common roots in music: The Nordic melodic and melancholic tone and the more European interpretation of jazz as Stan represents.

    Read more (in Danish).

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