• Girls in pop and jazz music

    20th of February 2014 · tags:

    Students from the Academy in both Aarhus and Aalborg has recently taught on a new project, which aims to address the imbalance between the sexes in pop and jazz music. In collaboration with Aarhus School of Music and Aalborg Culture School, three students from Aarhus and two students from Aalborg taught 13-15 year old girls at a so-called Jazz Camp for Girls in each of the two cities.

    The girls are typically singers or pianists / keyboard players, but at this camp they were instead set to play guitar, bass and drums. Nordjyske Stiftstidende brought on Tuesday an article about the JazzCamp in Aalborg, and here the girls tells that they actually had an incredible good feeling by being without boys in the rehearsal room.

    In 2012 the report "Gender balance in pop and jazz music" was released, which demonstrates that there are many more men than women in pop and jazz music.

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