• Predicting music listening

    3rd of February 2014 · tags:

    Research Professor Peter Vuust, together with colleagues from Aarhus and Helsinki, helped to develop a new method to decode brain activity while listening to music. What is new is that we are now able to scan trial subjects continuously while they listen to real music. So far it has only been possible to scan and compare the brain activity of small fragments of music. The new method makes it possible to capture the full musical experience, not only elements of the music.

    In an experimental setup, the researchers had scanned a group of subjects while they listened to a number of Beatles tracks. A new subject were scanned in the same way as he listened to some of the same tracks . Afterwards, the researchers could tell which of the tracks the new subject listened to, by simply comparing the brain activity with the first group.

    This groundbreaking research was published in the magazine NeuroImage and has now also been featured in the high-profile Wired Magazine. See more in the press release from the Academy (in Danish).

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