• e-learning across continents

    29th of January 2014 · tags:

    During these years the Academy collects important experience with long-distance e-learning. Already in the fall of 2012 associate professor Jens Christian Kwella completed a guitar course in collaboration with two colleagues from respectively University of South Africa and North Carolina Central University, US.

    Now Kwella initiated another joint course with the two colleagues from the United States and South Africa. The project Global Guitar is primarily practical and focuses on geographical characteristics of the use of electric guitar in the different regions, earlier and to day. Apart from giving the students new skills this also gives the students important knowledge about the guitar's role and history in the global village.

    8 guitar students from the Academy’s department in Aalborg and an equal number of students from the other two institutions are participating. Classes are held in turn by the three teachers involved and use a Polycom system, which allows all three sites to see and talk to each other at the same time. In between the lessons, students must make exercises and use the forum Lore to communicate with each other and with the teachers.

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