• Full-page in Politiken about Rhythmic Concert Café

    18th of November 2013 · tags:

    Friday the 15 November the "In Town" supplement in Politiken brought a large full-page report from the Concert Café in Aarhus 5 November in Rhythmic Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus. The newspaper lively and in-depth told about the concert and about the concept behind this Café concerts. Also the newspaper spoke with Mikael Klithav, second year student on bass.

    Mikael Klithav talked about some of the benefits of these concerts, for example that one can get to play with new people from the Academy. In addition the newspaper describes the informal framework of the concert but also adds that the music itself - and the sound production - is fully professional.

    Read more (in Danish) about the Rhythmic Concert Café.

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