• Debut CD as smartphone application

    6th of August 2013 · tags:

    Saxophonist Jeppe Højgaard is studying in the soloist class at the Royal Academy of Music. Together with his jazz trio Vernisage he has developed an app for smartphone that sets a new piece in progress at any time. The user receives a message that NOW starts the song - and then he has to choose whether he wants to immerse himselves in the music right now - or lose the only opportunity to hear exactly this song.

    In this way, the trio forces us to be more aware of our listening and thus make it more intensive. Also the new app is living up to the nature of jazz as music of the moment - where improvisation always occurs at the moment and is gone in the next.

    The new app can be downloaded for free from Appstore. Read more about the app here (in Danish).

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