• Reviewer acclaim for Wagner examples

    26th of June 2013 · tags:

    "Superb performed examples" writes Weekendavisen on the 33 recorded musical examples that accompany a new book on Wagner, "Kærlighedens væsen", by Thomas Teilmann Damm. The examples are recorded by lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music, Thomas Tronhjem.

    Here in the 200th anniversary of Wagner's birth there has been written three books in Danish about him so far. The reviewer at Weekendavisen finds that Teilmann Damm's book comes far beyond the stage: "Kærlighedens væsen” is definitely the most musically satisfying Wagner book which was published this year. This is because even something that exists only outside of the book itself, namely 33 splendid musical examples to auditory illustration of various well-established points in the music analytical section."

    Thomas Tronhjems recording of the 33 musical examples can be found on the publisher's website.

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