• Prices at new students

    13th of June 2013 · tags:

    Even before they begin at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, they get prices! Two prospective students, who begins their Academy study at August, has just been given a talent award each. 

    22-year-old Cecilie Lund, beginning at the songwriting program, were clueless been asked to play a piece at Hillerød Music School's spring concert. She is a former student at the music school and active in the city's musical life. On her way down from the stage, she was stopped by Mayor Kirsten Jensen, who presented her with a ceramic pot, a bouquet and 2000 kr - Hillerød Municipality Music Prize 2013! See more here. (in Danish) 

    Daniel Robinson from Lemvig, who begins as rhythmic pianist student, was handed over the Bendix Scholarship on 10,000 kroner at a concert at Holstebro Music School on Friday. He finish after just 2 years (instead of the normal 3) the MGK course. His teacher describes him as an extremely talented rhythmic pianist with a strong personal and artistic profile. See more here (in Danish).

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