• International conference: Learning and Memory

    6th of June 2011 · tags:

    The international conference THE NEUROSCIENCES AND MUSIC – IV: Learning and Memory is held in Edinburgh, Scotland, the 9th-12th of June.

    The conference attracts a broad range of established scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, clinical neurologists, clinical psychologists, therapists, as well as music performers, educators and musicologists, all interested in how music influences the brain.

    The central theme of ’The Neurosciences and Music – IV’ is ’Learning and Memory’, divided into 4 subthemes: ’Infants and Children’, ’Adults: musicians and non musicians’, ’Disabilities and aging-related issues’ and ’Therapy and "Rehabilitation’. We are 8 from the Music in the Brain group at CFIN who is bringing our most recent research to the conference in Scotland.

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