• Duets for classical and electric guitar - an artistic development project

    7th of March 2019 · tags:

    Associate Professor in jazz guitar at the Academy, Jens Christian Kwella, has composed several duets for classical guitar and electric guitar. The music is inspired by the entire guitar's history, from folk music and classical to jazz and rock music. The pieces utilize a variety of different playing techniques, and there are both through-composed passages and improvised sections, where the two guitarists improvise on their own musical background.

    The composition examines the possibilities of composing for two guitars across genres and is a so-called Artistic Development Project (KUV) for Jens Christian Kwella. Kwella calls the project "GuitarRama Jazzical", and the compositions have been prepared in collaboration with Associate Professor in classical guitar Frederik Munk Larsen. The project will be presented at several concerts with Munk Larsen and Kwella during the spring of 2019, the first time on 10 March for the Jazz Society in Aarhus (in Salonen, Grønnegade 61B at 3.30 pm) and again 27 March at Aalborg International Guitar Festival. So far known, it is the first time guitar duets for this constellation has been composed and performed.

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