• Watermusic in Randers

    30th of August 2017 · tags:

    Academy lecturer Niels Bastrup is conductor at one of the most spectacular experiences during Aarhus2017: "Watermusic" in the industrial harbor of Randers, 2.-3. September. In addition to advanced lighting, sound and 3D projections as well as the harbor's silos and cranes, 300 choir singers from Randers are participating live during the big show with Bastrup as conductor, while the instrumental music is recorded in advance.

    The show will be a sensual, visual journey inspired by the history of pram carriers, who in the 18th and 19th century freight cargo through Gudenåen until its expiration in Randers. Air acrobatics, boats in sliding dance over the dark surface of the water and sea creatures in the harbor basin is a part of the show. The former Academy student Nanna Fabricius Øland, better known as Oh Land, is vocal soloist and composer at the project.

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