• New work by Buchanan

    28th of August 2017 · tags:

    Friday 1 September composer, trumpeter and lecturer at the Academy, Jakob Buchanan, will perform a new musical and visual work on the Rosenhøj residential area in Aarhus. The work "On Rosenhill" combines bigband and soloists with video art and voices from Rosenhøj.

    "The work is about the life in Rosenhøj and the people who live there. Their language turns into music, like sounds from stairs, doors and footsteps. Therefore, the residents are also involved" Jakob Buchanan says, who himself is raised in the area.

    In 2016, Buchanan won two out of eight categories at Danish Music Awards Jazz: "Danish Jazz album of the Year", and "Danish Composer of the Year", in both cases for the release 'Buchanan Requiem'. The new work will be performed by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra with Buchanan himself as soloist, together with Indra Rios-Moore (vocal), Chris Speed (clarinet), Simon Toldam (piano) and Helge Norbakken (percussion). In connection with the concert, Chris Speed also provides a clinic for the students at the Academy.

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