• Brain conference to Aarhus

    10th of August 2017 · tags:

    The Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) at Aarhus University and RAMA shall host the next "Neurosciences and Music Conference" in 2020, the world's most prestigious conference in the field. The conference was held recently in Boston and during the closing ceremony it was announced that Aarhus and the MIB will be the next host city.

    Research Professor at RAMA, Peter Vuust, calls it an honor and statement of confidence: "This is a great opportunity to shape the future within a growing field of research together with colleagues from all over the world."

    The MIB is housed at Aarhus University and is a unique collaboration between Aarhus University and the Academy, which has established itself as the most important center for music and brain research in Europe. The conference will take place at the Academy, and according to Principal Claus Olesen it will confirm the Academy's commitment to music research.

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