• First live stream of candidate concert

    24th of May 2017 · tags:

    On May 30 at 4 pm Jonas Hellesøe plays his final candidate concert in Aarhus Cathedral. With this concert he completes his master's degree at the Academy. At the same time, the concert is the first live stream of a classical candidate concert at a Danish music conservatory. The concert will be broadcasted live on Hellesøe's own Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/jonashellesoe/, in HD with professional audio and video.

    Hellesøe says: "Since I started playing the organ, I've worked to make the instrument better known, and so I've streamed several concerts on Facebook. By livestreaming, I hope to show other than the concert guests that the organ is an interesting instrument that sounds very beautiful and it can be very exciting to watch people play."

    At the concert, Jonas Hellesøe plays a varied program of 45 minutes at the cathedral organ, the largest church organ in Denmark. After the holidays, Hellesøe continues at the Academy in the soloist class, which he has just been admitted to.

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