• RAMA composers in “Klasisk” and on snyk.dk

    16th of May 2017 · tags:

    In May and June, two composers from the soloist class at the Academy will have their debut: Mette Nielsen (24 June) and Allan Gravgaard Madsen (26 May). Also both composers participate in the forthcoming KLANG Festival for Contemporary Music in Copenhagen, 25 May - 5 June. Mette Nielsen with her pre debut concert (4 June), Allan Gravgaard with his post debut concert (27 May).

    On the genre organization SNYK's website there is a big feature about the two composers and their concerts at the KLANG festival. Similarly, there is a large portrait of Allan Gravgaard in the May issue of the magazine "Klassisk".

    Also a large number of Academy lectures are involved in this year's KLANG Festival, including Niels Rønsholdt, Simon Steen-Andersen, Frederik Munk Larsen and Søren K. Hansen.

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