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    27th of March 2017 · tags:

    Saturday 1 April the public can get a very special experience at Radar in Aarhus, where the project Concert-In-installation blends live music with visuals, dance, design and sculptural creations. At the concert "Atmosphere" Liima (ex. Efterklang) fills the venue with magnificent electronic music, visual artist, Obscura Vertigo, converts Radars ceiling into a living, beautiful galaxy and set designer Marianne Glemhammer merges with dancers, atmospheric creations and Moon Child's beautiful designs.

    Behind the Concert-In-installation are among others vocal student Gry Colding Ebbesen and DIEM student Christian Trondheim from the Academy. The project is funded by Aarhus 2017 and the Danish Arts Foundation.

    Concert-In-installation wants to make unique installation concerts with focus on aesthetics and sensuality and which can challenge the traditional concert experience by various arts appealing to several senses. Next installation concert is Tree Of Souls 1 September in Havreballe Forest.

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