• Great creativity at LMS competition

    16th of March 2017 · tags:

    LMS (Live Music in Schools) organizes school concerts with professional musicians, giving schoolchildren the possibility to meet real live music. Also this year,  LMS arranges a competition among students from the Academy on the right to be part of LMS 'offer to the primary schools in 2017/18.

    Monday 20 March four registered ensembles must convince a jury that particular their ensemble is best suited to meeting "the most honest audience" and get pupils to pointy ears! The jury consists of representatives from LMS together with the Academy’s development manager and concert producer. The decision falls Monday noon.

    All the four ensembles have their own distinctive feature: a classic string trio will convey the golden age for big kids through music stories of Niels W. Gade; a classic wind trio, along with an actor will make a story concert on the story of The Nutcracker, which directly activates the smallest kids; a beat boxer and a singer will make music for children, exclusively created with the mouth, without instruments; and a pop-quartet will through music convey political and philosophical themes for the eldest school students.
    The jury will have something to look for!

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