• Musical activity and working memory

    3rd of February 2017 · tags:

    Regardless of age, gender or location musically active Schoolchildren has a better working memory, which is important to learn to read and count. That is the conclusion of "The mass experiment" carried out as part of the Science Festival in Week 39 last year among more than 20,000 primary school and high school students from 450 schools across Denmark.

    "The study suggests that students with attention to details in melody and rhythm are better to maintain and manage the information that is needed in a particular moment. It's new, unique knowledge, which has great significance for our knowledge of how music affects and alters the brain, " Peter Vuust says. Vuust is professor at both the Academy and at Centre for Music in the Brain.

    "But it is important to emphasize that we do not know whether it is because of the students playing music they have better working memory, or whether students with the best working memory engages more in music. Further analysis of the data set will reveal how important this result is, and if music is the way to better learning in schools", Peter Vuust adds.

    It is the first time school students musical hearing skills have been studied in Denmark as widely and systematically. At the same time The mass experiment is the largest in the world of its kind. The study consisted of a music quiz, a memory test and a questionnaire about the students' music habits. Read the complete report here (in Danish).

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