• RAMA composer at UNM-17

    31st of January 2017 · tags:

    At UNM (Young Nordic Music Festival) in Aarhus in August 2016 the Academy contributed with composers, musicians and venues. This year Iceland is hosting the festival, and among the seven pieces that have just been selected for UNM 2017 there also is a RAMA-element, namely a new piece by RAMA student Loïc Destremau.

    UNM is a Nordic festival for the very young music, each year switching among the Nordic countries. Since its establishment in 1946 the festival has grown to be the main window into what composers and sound artists under 30 years in the Nordic countries are working on. For UNM 2017 a total of 77 pieces from 42 composers were send in. # UNM17 takes place in Reykjavik in mid-August.

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