• Culture Capital opening

    17th of January 2017 · tags:

    Two lectures from the Academy play a central role at the grand opening event of Aarhus2017 Saturday 21 January. Associate Professor Carsten Seyer-Hansen conducts Aarhus Symphony and the Opera Choir at the galla opening in Concert Hall Aarhus, and he has been involved in planning the musical sequences for the following spectacular procession through the city, down to the harbor.

    The procession will be led by music through the city, partly by various choirs singing live, partly by visuals with musicians from Aarhus Symphony - they cannot play live in frost or rain. Seyer-Hansen himself participates as conductor, also in the pre-recorded sequences, and his vocal ensemble Concert Clemens is among the many contributing choirs.

    Jakob Buchanan, who teaches trumpet at rhythmic department, has written a new piece: “Voices from Rosenhøj”, based on Rosenhøjs diverse nationalities and combining big band sound with the young people's own voices telling about their dreams in their own language. Part of the work can be heard during the opening parade and at the Port of Aarhus 21 January.

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