• Blow Your Mind

    12th of January 2017 · tags:

    Trumpet Professor Kristian Steenstrup just has released his new book "Blow Your Mind", which is a direct extension of his first book "Teaching Brass". Both books deals with brass technique and both are in English. The first had especially focused on the physiological side of the respiration technique, while the new book focuses more on the mental aspects of playing and acting as a brass musician.

    Steenstrups books builds at his own master teacher, the legendary brass lecturer and tuba player by Chicago Symphony, Arnold Jacobs (1915-1998), who had enormous influence on several generations of brass players. Jacobs developed a comprehensive and innovative pedagogy, based on a deep and systematic understanding of the physiology of the respiratory and of anatomy, acoustics, neurology, psychology, etc.

    "Blow Your Mind" is published by the Royal Academy of Music; it costs 225 kr. and can be ordered via e-mail: mail@musikkons.dk. Read more.

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