• RAMA at anniversary concert

    4th of October 2016 · tags:

    Certainly the Academy takes part at Aarhus Young Composers (AUT) 50th anniversary gala concert in collaboration with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and SPOT festival on Friday 7 October at 7:30 pm in Symphonic Hall, Music Hall Aarhus. The Academy is providing 20 students in the orchestra as well as one student and one lecturer among the composers.

    The galla concert presents some of the most exciting symphonic music being written today, featuring works of both very young and already internationally renowned composers. All five pieces are written within the past five years.

    Academy student Lasse D. Hansen gets premiered his work "Tuning" which is based on the ritual at any symphonic concert, leaving a tense feeling of expectation spread in the hall: The tuning of the orchestra. And academy lecturer Simon Steen-Andersen gets his Denmark premiere of his award-winning "Piano Concerto" from 2014. Here a perfect, classical concert grand piano in a kind of virtual double piano concerto meets a battered, completely ruined piano, after a crash from 7 meters. The music creates an entirely peculiar meeting between the perfect and the battered.

    Read more (and buy ticket) here (in Danish).

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