• Brain Exercise with music?

    23rd of September 2016 · tags:

    "Center for Music in the Brain" (MiB) is conducting a very comprehensive study with up to 30,000 children and young people from across the country participating. Participants will partly answer a newly developed music quiz, which shows to what extent they are able to hear the details of melodies and rhythms; secondly they must complete a memory test and complete a questionnaire about their listening habits and their musical activities.

    By comparing the answers in the vast data material scientists hope to find out whether there is a correlation between musical skills and short-term memory. If there is a connection, it can perhaps be used to explore new methods to optimize learning.

    MiB is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Aarhus University and the Academy. The center is headed by Professor Peter Vuust, who is also a research professor at the Academy. Associate Professor Bjørn Petersen together with PhD student Stine Derdau Sorensen is in charge of the specific research project; which is a part of the annual event Mass experiment, which again is part of the Science Festival in week 39. Read more.

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