• Dance, Hearts & Minds

    20th of September 2016 · tags:

    Ass. Prof. Lena Gregersen and drum-playing Academy students will contribute at “Folkeuniversitetets vidensfestival” about the body: "Hearts & Minds", 23-25 September in Aarhus and Herning. At the event "Heartbeats - Knowledge of dance" Friday night associate professor of dance and movement psychology Helle Winther will talk about how music and dance can open the body and create new energy - and Lena Gregersen, together with the students, will get the audience to experience it in practice.

    That same evening Ass. Prof.  Torben Jensen will participate in another event at the Hearts & Minds Festival: "Researchers Show", where a number of very different researchers will go on stage along with a variety of performers; and where the researchers' presentations will be mixed with music, dance and the world of the performing arts, due to the motto: Good research should both be heard, thought … and felt.

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