• El Sistema in Aarhus

    19th of September 2016 · tags:

    70 children from the socially motivated music project MusikSak at Hasle School will give a terrific concert with both well-known classics and exotic South American rhythms on Friday 23 September 6:00 pm. in the Small Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus. The concert is free and is organized in cooperation with the corresponding music project MusikUnik at Tovshøjskolen.

    MusikSak was established in 2015 when two cello students from the Academy began teaching children at Hasle School. They quickly gained a string orchestra on its feet, still more came, and today the many children are divided into two full orchestras. The children play together five hours each week, and they have already played concerts in Concert Hall Aarhus, Tivoli in Copenhagen and Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg.

    The concert on Friday is the culmination of an intense project week with the amazing Guatemalan conductor Bruno Campo, who grew up in the Venezuelan music program, El Sistema. Campo now heads and supervises several similar projects in Europe. The El Sistema program aims to give children and young people from disadvantaged families better opportunities to break the cycle of disadvantage.

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