• Emerson musicians to Aarhus

    10th of August 2016 · tags:

    The two violinists from the world famous Emerson String Qaurtet is participating in a brand new festival at the Academy in Aarhus: New Music for Strings, from 23 to 31 August. The festival's purpose is to create an interdisciplinary collaboration between composers of contemporary music and strings performers; and letting Scandinavian and American traditions fertilize each other.

    The festival is a collaboration between the Academy and Stony Brook University in New York (where the two Emerson musicians are teaching). 9 teachers, 4 guest musician and 26 participants from Nordic countries, the Baltic States, South Korea, Canada and the United States will meet at the festival for concerts, workshops, lectures and masterclass'es.

    All participants are graduates or students at the highest level. And all the teachers are internationally renowned musicians and composers with great experience. From the Academy cello professor Henrik Brendstrup and composer Simon Steen-Andersen and several students are participating.

    During the festival, there will be 10 public concerts and 5 lectures with music examples. Read more.


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