• Vocal Center Summercamp - seats sold out

    23rd of June 2016 · tags:

    The Academy in Aalborg from 27 to 30 June houses RAMA Vocal Center Summercamp. This is the first Camp of its kind, with participants from eight countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia and United Kingdom. The seats were sold out within a few days.

    ”We have seen an increasing demand for our Rhythmic Choir leadership programs since the beginning ten years ago. And we have never had a higher number of applicants to our programs in Aalborg than this year”, professor and head of studies at RAMA Vocal Center Jim Daus Hjernøe says.

    “We arrange this Summer Camp to provide an opportunity for choir leaders from all over Europe to get a sneak peak at what we do, here in Aalborg as well as in similar programs set up at music conservatories in Rotterdam and Tilburg, Netherlands, and in Levanger, Norway. The teachers represent different methodologies, and the camp is the first time that we integrate the different teaching styles into one focused event.”

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