• Ensemble playing across time and space

    22nd of June 2016 · tags:

    Rhythmic guitar traditionally is heard in either band context, as a solo instrument or in duets. However, compositions and improvisations for three guitars require the role of the instrument challenged and reassessed.

    Associate Professor in rhythmic guitar and ensemble playing Jens Kristian Kwella has made this challenge to the topic of an artistic development project. Now this project can present new compositions for three guitars playing together physically and temporally staggered. The project is fulfilled in an interactive cooperation with two international guitar colleagues, John Stowell (US) and Ulf Band Branch (S). Watch the results here.

    The project shows that the musicians mostly do play together and react to each other, although they are in each their place and playing at different times. This is primarily due to the two colleagues having a high level and a great experience, Kwella says. Only the tempo is maintained using a click track (a separate audio track with a metronome).

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