• New international artist contract

    20th of June 2016 · tags:

    Percussion student Stian Sopp recently has got an international artist contract with cymbal manufacturer MEINL, one of the largest in the market, also in latin percussion. This happens only a few months after Sopp signed an international artist contract with Yamaha.

    Stian Sopp commits with the agreement to use MEINL's cymbals and percussion at all public performances. In return he gets MEINL instruments freely available. Sopp has received about 40 kg. of cymbals, which he has handpicked by himself. Furthermore, he has got a profile on the company's website.

    MEINL have artist contracts with percussionists who play with world stars like Snoop Dog, Timberland, Kirk Franklin, Mega Death, Madonna, Phil Collins and Santana.

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