• Ph.d. corrects romantic genius concept

    12th of April 2016 · tags:

    A new Ph.D. by Niels Chr. Hansen corrects the romantic genius concept where musical excellence is considered to be an intangible and natural phenomenon that you either possess or not possess.

    In four scientific studies Niels Chr. Hansen studied where expertise comes from and how it affects the way the musician brain perceive music. The studies included advantage of advanced computer modeling, psychological behavioral tests and brain scans.

    The studies showed among other things that musical experts (musicians) can predict the future of tunes more accurate than non-musicians. And that musical training sharpens our expectations and thus our ability to predict how the music will proceed. The more we practice and listen to music, the better our expectations will match what is actually happening in the music.

    The overall conclusion is that the brain is shaped by working with music. Musical expertise can be acquired and is empirical comprehensive - it can actually be measured!

    Free entrance to the Phd Defence Friday 15 Arpil at Aarhus University Hospital. Read more in the press release (in Danish).

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