• Crowdfunding: Strings for children

    7th of April 2016 · tags:

    Twin sisters Gabriella and Rebecca Fuglsig are both studying cello at the Academy. A year ago they started a string orchestra for children at Hasle School near Aarhus. Now the orchestra is invited to play at the Music School Day 30 April at Tivoli in Copenhagen - but much remains to the economy.

    16 kids showed up for the first lesson at Hasle School, where they learned to play the ABC song on violin, viola and cello. Now, a year later, 25 children already are playing Mozart and Beethoven divided in four parts, 2½ hours twice a week! And the project has been given a name: MusikSak.

    Gabriella and Rebecca believe that music can bring together children across age, religion and ethnicity. Through cooperation and mutual respect they can create something that is much bigger than themselves. The two cello student wishes to continue MusikSak for many years, but the economy ranks barely enough to pay the daily teachers.

    Therefore, they have now launched a Crowdfunding-gathering online for the trip to Copenhagen. For many of the young musicians the concert is not just their first performance out of town, but also the first visit to the capital and the first time in Tivoli.

    You can support the collection here.

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