• Indjic masterclass

    30th of March 2016 · tags:

    The American / French master pianist Eugen Indjic is considered one of the world's largest Chopin interpreters with regular appearances on venues such as Carnegie Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Concertgebouw and others. Friday 1 April he gives a master class for the classical piano students at the Academy in Aarhus. A total of 8 students will have the opportunity to play for him and receive good advices from this international capacity, including about Chopin.

    Thursday night Indjic gives a concert in Symphonic Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus, with a pure Chopin program. The masterclass Friday will take place in collaboration with the Piano School Gradus, a private school that offers intensive education for talented young pianists.

    The master class is open to the public from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Aademy in Aarhus, room 118.

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