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    12th of February 2016 · tags:

    The Academy regularly arranges internal soloist competitions, where students compete for the right to appear as a soloist with a professional ensemble. Now again there is a soloist competition, this time for being the soloist at a summer concert with either Aalborg or Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.

    Professor and leader of the orchestra school Niels-Ole Bo Johansen said after the competition's first round, Thursday night: "We from the jury completely agree that the level of this competition was exceptionally high. As a result, we decided to send seven participants to the final." Originally there should be no more than six finalists.

    The final is held on Tuesday 23 February at 7:30 pm in the Symphonic Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus. Access is free to the public. Each finalist has approximately 15 minutes with a pianist to convince the judges. The jury consists of musicians from both orchestras and lectures from the Academy.

    The seven finalists (in alphabetical order) are:
    Agnes Hauge Mortensen - violin
    Alessandro Presta - trompet
    Antonio Jiminéz Hidalgo - altsaxofon
    Camilla Button - sopran
    Francisco Bianco & Maria Pardo – clarinet og bassethorn (duo)
    Jørgen Ellekilde - orgel
    Mikkel Lynggaard - guitar


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