• The Academy behind emerging jazz scene

    3rd of February 2016 · tags:

    Friday-Saturday 5 and 6 February The Foundation VoxHall opens its doors to the third Roam The Streets mini-festival: THE GOLDEN YEARS OF AARHUS. According VoxHall there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about Aarhus' emerging environment within jazz. And a significant part of this emerging jazz environment in Aarhus consists of musicians and bands with close relations to the Academy.

    Many of the musicians are namely current students or recent graduates from the Academy. For example Kasper Staub (Kasper Staub Trio), Frederik Emil Bülow and Micah Bøgh Olesen (Bangin 'Bülows Nice Jazz), Daniel Sommer and Simon Eskildsen (Organ Duo) and Frej Lesner, Andreas Skamby and Jens Mikkel Madsen (I Think You're Awesome).

    Read more about the program here (in Danish).

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