• Jazzy "home video"

    17th of December 2015 · tags:

    Bass player and soloist student Jens Mikkel Madsen just has released a concert film, which is a significant expansion of the "home movie" concept. The film was shot in his childhood home in Langå a summer day in August, when Jens Mikkel had gathered his band "I Think You're Awesome" for rehearsal and concert. The concert film is freely available on YouTube.

    First and foremost the film is a live presentation of a number of pieces written by himself. But along the way there is clipped to sound checks, coffee brewing, family and neighbors gathered in the living room inside and on the terrace just outside and with lots of close-ups and details of faces, instruments, fingers running over the strings and so on. This gives both the film and the concert a special, intimate atmosphere.

    The 40-minute film has been made as part of Jens Mikkel Madsens soloist studies at the Academy. The music will be released on a CD in the spring of 2016, and all the musicians are current or former students at the Academy.

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