• New video about singing with babys

    16th of December 2015 · tags:

    A new YouTube video shows how singing, body language and intense communication between parents and their young babies unfolds in four churches in the Aarhus area. It also shows how young parents find that they get a good time and a close presence with their baby through singing hymns with the child.

    The goal of the video is in the first place to spread and deepen the knowledge of baby hymn singing in the church communities, but also among music or pedagogy students and others with a special interest in music and hymn singing with young children.

    Music pedagogue and lecturer at the Academy Ingrid Oberborbeck has taken the initiative to the production. Oberborbeck herself has many years of experience with baby hymn singing, and she teaches music pedagogue students in working with children. The video is in two parts and lasts a total of approximately 25 minuts. It is available (in Danish) on YouTube under the title " Som fuglen i skov ". Go to Part 1 and Part 2.

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