• Student appointed Yamaha Artist

    15th of December 2015 · tags:

    Percussion Students Stian Sopp just has been appointed Yamaha Artist. Besides the great honor it provides a number of practical advantages, such as access to and support for Yamaha's instruments all over the world as well as the international launch through Yamaha's overall PR program. Conversely Sopp commits himself to primarily playing on Yamaha instruments.

    Stian Sopp is from Norway, where he has played percussion since he was 7 years. Early he was accepted into a talent program and was taught on a high level. Stian began as undergraduate student at the Academy in Aarhus in 2013 by Associate Professor Henrik Knarborg Larsen. He already has participated in several radio, television and CD productions and has played as a soloist with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the Danish Prince's Band. Stian Sopp also both plays and composes electronic music.

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