• New team of piano lectures

    22nd of November 2015 · tags:

    Since piano professor Anne Ølands sad demise in September, it has been of high priority to continue the high quality of piano teaching at the Academy. Now a strong and promising solution has been found in which a group of teachers in close cooperation will take care of the piano students.

    The new piano teaching staff consists of both previously associated lectures at the Academy and of new forces. "It is a team with artistic and pedagogical skills of the highest quality," says head of classical faculty Robert Bøgelund Vinther. 

    The new piano teaching group consists of: Søren Rastogi, Jens Elvekjær, Jakob Alsgaard Bahr, Martin Qvist Hansen and Benedikte Hauge Mortensen.

    The recent Opus 15 piano festival was a great success and promises well for the future of the piano environment at the Academy. The piano students association "Piano Rama" was an active participant in the planning of Opus 15 as well as "Piano Rama" is co-organizer of concert projects.

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