• New CD with lectures

    18th of November 2015 · tags:

    Organist and prof. Ulrik Spang-Hanssen and jazz pianist and Associate Professor Søren Nørbo have released a new duo CD for organ and piano, recorded "live" at two concerts in Symphony Hall, Concert Hall Aarhus. The CD will be presented at a free release concert on Wednesday 25 November at 5.00 pm in Symphonic Hall.

    Piano and organ is a quite rare instrument combination because there are not so many places where this composition can be realized successfully. It can, however, in the Symphonic Hall, where the removable organ keybord can be put on stage in the immediate vicinity of the large concert grand piano. In this way one can achieve the very intimate interaction that it requires to implement completely free improvisations.

    Ulrik Spang-Hanssen and Søren Nørbo each in their own way have a foot in both the rhythmic and the classical music, and no one can know - least of all themselves - who will occupy the roles when. Of course there is a greater preparation work underlying these concerts, but all agreements risk being immediately sabotaged on stage!

    The new CD with Ulrik Spang-Hanssen and Søren Nørbo is a collection of the best obstructions, breach of contract, and occasionally almost telepathic communication from two previous concerts.

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