• New orchestra for new music

    22nd of October 2015 · tags:

    Among the Nordic countries there is a unique community across the borders, where cultural diversity, tolerance and genre bride effortlessly crosses borders. An example is "Young Nordic Music Festival" (UNM), which takes place for the 70th time in 2016, 15 to 21August, this time in Aarhus and with the theme of "Togetherness".

    But young Nordic orchestral music does not have optimal conditions. The professional orchestras rarely play works by composers under 40 years, and young musicians rarely come touch with orchestral works by composers of their own generation. 

    This will now be changed at UNM in 2016 in Aarhus, where there will be established a UNM Orchestra in collaboration with the Academy in Aarhus, South Denmark Academy of Music and Aarhus Sinfonietta. In this way a lot of ambassadors for the young Nordic orchestral music will be trained.

    For the new UNM Orchestra the festival right now and until 15 December calls for new works by resident composers / sound artists, who study or who are under 30 years old. Read more here or at ungnordiskmusik.dk.

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