• Head of Studies and opera director

    18th of August 2015 · tags:

    Head of studies at the Academy’s classical department, Robert Bøgelund, has in recent weeks been somewhat absent. He is in fact assistant director at the Danish National Opera's current performance Jenufa, with Denmark Premiere on Thursday 20 August. Although it is not new to Robert Bøgelund to work as assistant director, the task this time was somewhat more extensive.

    The opera is a co-production with Scottish Opera. The performance was set up in Glasgow in April 2015 by opera director from Aarhus, Annilese Miskimmon, assisted by Robert Bøgelund. At The current revival in Aarhus Bøgelund was largely in charge of the production.

    During rehearsals in Scotland Bøgelund wrote diary. See the diary entries here - a fine complement to the preparation before you are entering to see this in a Danish context quite unknown opera. Watch a short presentation video and read more about Jenufa in Aarhus - there's performances 20, 22 and 24 August.

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