• Academy students at sound art festival in Copenhagen

    18th of June 2015 · tags:

    Several students from DIEM (Academy department for electronic music) and DIEM professor Wayne Siegel are involved in the sound art festival Deus Ex Machina in Copenhagen 19-20 June. The festival is the result of collaboration between students from the Danish music academies and students from the School of Performing Arts (DDSKS).

    The idea of Deus Ex Machina (god from the machine) comes from the ancient theater where gods spoke from cranes or other machines that lifted them above the stage floor. It was in ancient theater (and later in baroque opera) a very strong effect. The question is whether the effect is due only to the machine. Compared to electronic music and sound art, the question is whether the machine determines, or is a tool for the artist.

    The audience is invited to experience a series of concerts with multichannel pieces where music and sound art is played over a wide range of loudspeakers placed around a room, as the audience moves around during the concert. The venue and the loudspeaker scenography will be part of the concert. Besides concerts, there are also workshops, including with prof. Siegel. Read more om web and Facebook.

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