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    7th of May 2015 · tags:

    On 8 to 11 May the SPOR Festival will be held in Aarhus, a festival for contemporary music and sound art. Composition lecturer at the Academy, Simon Steen-Andersen, is this year's guest curator and has thus helped to select the festival program on the theme "Stagin the sound."

    Staging music is one of Steen-Andersen's own hallmarks as a composer. He is based in Berlin and works in the field of instrumental music, electronics, video and performance in different settings, ranging from symphony orchestra and chamber music (with and without multimedia), to staging solo-performances and installations. His works from the last 6-7 years are concentrating on integrating the specific elements of the music and highlighting the physical and choreographic aspects of instrumental performance.

    Steen-Andersen says about this year's theme: "If we assume that composers earlier have created their works for a modern listener, and have been played on the expectations and experiences that belonged to just that time, we must also ask how the music itself can be updated to the present, and how it can be reinterpreted in relation to the expectations and experiences that today has changed substantially."

    Read more about SPOR.

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