• World Premiere of choir singing via the Internet

    10th of April 2015 · tags:

    A vocal ensemble in Aalborg and a vocal ensemble in Aarhus becomes one big choir that sings together – and at the same time - via the Internet by RAMA Festival at the Academy tomorrow, Saturday 11 March in House of Music in Aalborg and Aarhus Concert Hall.

    It is total new that it is possible in practice to sing together at two different locations via a pair of ordinary computers, connected to each other through the Internet. Usually, a slight delay makes this impossible.

    Completely newly developed Danish technology now makes this possible - and the audience can experience the phenomenon live at two concerts with "RAMA Voices" at RAMA Festival Saturday. For practical reasons, the audience access is limited to one concert at each location: Aalborg at 1:00 pm in "Vocal Center" in House of Musik, level 3; Aarhus at 5.30 pm in "Septimen", Concert Hall, level 4.

    Read more (in Danish).

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