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    24th of February 2015 · tags:

    Classical, rhythmic and electronic composition students Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Kasper Staub and Sebastian Edin last year completed a joint project: “Concerto Reworked”. The purpose was to to recompose a classic orchestral work each. The results and the preceding workflow can now be experienced online at the culture blog www.underflyvning.dk

    The project resulted in a concert in Aarhus Concert Hall 10 October 2014. Here the Academy's string orchestra played the original works, each time followed by the recompose work. The concert and the previous work were recorded and were afterwards added with interviews with the three composers by underflyvning.dk. Listen to the entire radio production here.

    Underflyvning is a radio production company that makes montages, interviews, sound collages etc. The results are communicated via the website www.underflyvning.dk, created in 2013.

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